Tips on Making Removals in London Go Smoother

Posted on 09/11/2020

Steps to Making Your London Move Easy

London removals can be a lot more challenging then other areas of the country, as the city is busy and built up. There are old style houses with narrow stairs, virtually no gardens and parking spaces. One of the main issues when moving house in London is that whichever removal company London you hire will more than likely require a parking permit. This is to allow the lorry or removal van to park in a specific area and for a certain time frame. So when considering moving you will need to stress the location to your intended moving company. Obviously if you move within the London area, most London removals will be experienced in dealing with a relocation service in this area of the country. But, if you are relocating from another part of the country and using a local moving company be aware that they may have limited experience and knowledge in moving to London and what it entails.

Here are some points to consider when moving to London. One of the main points is to plan in advance and start in plenty of time with the preparation. When choosing a removal service make certain that you explain where you are moving to. It is essential that the company you chose is familiar with the area you are moving to. If the company are not sure of the area you are moving to a lot of time can be wasted. It is not impossible a company will do their research and checklist, but just let them know in plenty of time.

Not only do a removal company have to know the area they have to plan a route free of obstacles for bulky furniture from your existing address to the removal vehicle to load up, plus the same at the new location. Your home may have three flights of narrow stairs; make sure you tell your movers everything that may be a problem. One of the best solutions is to arrange for a meeting with your intended moving company and go over what you want moving and explain the problems. A representative of a removal company will be experienced in handling all situations, and have a wealth of knowledge in moving so they will be able to deal with the problem. They will note the problems that the loaders and drivers may have to make sure they are aware of any obstructions and tight passage ways for heavy and large items of furniture.

The same applies when using a moving company London make sure you mention if there is a good walk to your front door from where a large removal van can park. It is no fun humping a large and heavy wardrobe a few hundred meters down a narrow alleyway. As long as a company is informed of all problems and difficulties it will save any stress on the day. Most companies will want as much information about where you are moving from to where you are going to. A lot of questions will be asked to ensure the job goes as smooth as possible.

Do your research and make sure you obtain several quotes forma few companies. Don’t just go for the cheapest. Check out the services and guarantees of each individual firm. It is worth knowing of insurance cover if anything is lost, damaged or a delay on moving day. Allow plenty of time and start as soon as you can. A lot of planning needs to be done so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig

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