30Mar 2015

Things To Do When Moving House To Islington

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There is rarely a time in anyone’s life quite as stressful and as time consuming as a house relocation to Islington. Whether you’re a veteran mover or if it’s your first house move, there are always things that you must remember to take care of in order to ensure that the transition into your new house goes by without any problems.

moving company

1.    Do your research and look for a quality, well reputed moving company to help with your removal task.
Oce key component to any move into the area, which you must address sooner rather than later, is booking the removal services of a removal company that operates in Islington, N1. Find a quality company and your move will be a whole lot easier to handle. Most companies can offer customers multiple services, so you will be able to find everything you need from one place if you don’t fancy browsing around. You should however, if you have the time, do your research in order to find the best deals. Take heed of any recommendations your may have heard, because hearing about companies through word of mouth often means that you’ve most likely found a company that you can bank upon to deliver a quality service.

man and a van
2.    For an alternative to the usual removal companies, consider man and van hire.
Often specialising in small removals, a man and van team could be just what your move is crying out for. These companies often provide quality services at cheaper and more affordable rates than the usual big name companies, and so consequently, you could end up saving yourself a nice little sum of money. Cheap, reliable and a friendly service is what these teams are all about, so it’s well worth giving them a try.

packing services
3.    Pack and wrap properly.
This is the step that people tend to find the most tedious when preparing for a house move. However it’s essential that you get this right in order to keep your items secure until you get round to unwrapping them in your new house. Buy plenty of packaging protection materials such as bubble wrap and foam and wrap them around all your precious items. Tape in place and fit them into plastic boxes for some added protection.

removal van hire
4.    Want to save yourself even more money? Look into removal van hire.
Hiring a vehicle so that you can move yourself is a brave decision to make. Not only will you have to do all the heavy lifting, loading and unloading the van, but you’ll also have to drive the vehicle to your new place. However many people prefer this option, as it means that you can have total control over your move and everything that it entails. There are plenty of vehicles that can be hired and that would be perfect for a moving job. It’s just knowing where to look; browse the internet or ask your friends and family if they know of any places, after which do your homework and find the best deals to suit your move to Islington. Most vans can be hired on a day to day basis, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a vehicle. Once you have the vehicle outside your house, get some friends to help you load up your possessions, strap them down if you can and make sure everything is a snug fit, which will reduce any movement and possible breakages occurring whilst they’re in transit.

insurance policy
5.    Insurance.
Don’t forget to get some comprehensive door to door insurance cover for your possessions. Make sure the insurance you get covers all types of possible risks; ask the company you end up booking with for further details.

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