The Most Common Home Removal Gaffes In Bow

Posted on 13/03/2015

Common Moving Mistakes In Bow

home moving mistakes

What can be more exhilarating than building a new home in Bow? The start of a new period is an exciting time, and can be the start of a fulfilling new life. But with all this in mind, it’s easy to see how movers can steam ahead and disregard the little things. Unfortunately, it is exactly this that can send miserable ripples through your fresh start – tainting your home from its earliest beginnings. Packing and moving furniture is, whilst a key logistic process, easy if you know how. This handy list of pointers could be all you need to seal a beautiful fate for your move, and have your home spill over with contentment from its very inception:

plan home removals

•    Think Ahead
Nobody can expect to just show up at a place and start anew without any of life’s requirements keenly in place. You may have already had a quick think about the furniture you’ll need to take, and how you might arrange and organise it for removal to your new home in Bow, E3. It’s possible you’ve even considered where it will all sit when it arrives in new surroundings. Have you thought, however, about everyone who may need to be aware of your change of address? Make a list of all those important services, work and family members requiring knowledge of the transition. Ensuring the advance set-up of certain utilities is almost a must in our fast paced culture, and imagine how losing internet, phone or television access for several days could affect your life. For student movers, this could be devastating. It will be highly disruptive to start playing catch up when you could be enjoying your home!

meet your neighbours

•    Meet the Neighbours!
We’ve all heard horror stories, and striking while the iron’s hot can nip a lot of social problems in the bud. It’s when a connection isn’t established early that a relationship between neighbours can turn sour. This causes all sorts of issues, not least of which could be financially. Don’t be shy to pop round and introduce yourself – if you can show you’re approachable and friendly then you may leave a far better first impression than silence! Also, bear in mind if you’re moving in with new housemates to try and get to know them - before confirming a contract. Living in close quarters in hte E14 area can be a strain on everyone involved, and it could be carefully avoided with just a little understanding of one another.

avoid injuries

•    Protect Yourself and Your Possessions
Furniture removal in Bow can be more of a risk than people may at first consider. If conducted unsafely, it poses significant gambles to the wellbeing of both yourself and your possessions. Costs can accumulate fast with ruined or damaged property, so take the time lift and move things responsibly. Try working with a friend or family member, and don’t go over your limits – this can be the quickest way to injure oneself. Approach things calmly and with common sense, and your health shouldn’t be put in any danger. It may be worth contacting a man with a van hire to give you professional assistance in furniture removal in the E3. A removals company can help you with this, and while there it’s vital you discuss your options for packing materials. Good supplies are the only way to ensure a secure furniture move, and nobody has better stock or appropriate knowledge than a removals company. Asking for the free help of friends and family may at first seem cheaper, but you could find a more cost-effective answer with such service. Cutting down on unnecessary breakages entirely would be an incredibly lucrative tactic, and only industry specialists can provide this.

Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig

As a certified KonMari consultant, Dennis brings his passion for minimalism and tidying to every job he takes on. His efficient and mindful approach to decluttering has made him a top choice for clients looking to simplify their lives.