Packing and Moving to Greenwich On a Budget

Posted on 16/07/2015

How to Easily Move and Pack to Greenwich Budget

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Moving home to Greenwich can be a very expensive process, especially if you are dealing with deposits and new items for your space. It all adds up and before you know it you move that was supposed to fill you with excitement has completely cleared out your bank account. Sometimes it’s the little things that really start to add up, so as long as you stay on top of that then you will be well onto your way of saving some money when it comes to your home move to the SE10 area.

- Don’t buy packing items. You probably have everything you need to pack up your things in your home already. Making use of space is not only great when it comes to a tidy and organised pack but it is also great for money saving. Suitcases can all be filled with things especially the heavier items as they can usually be wheeled, the inside of all your shoes are great for smaller items, they are protected in there and it also keeps things together. Use pillow cases to carry wires or loose bits, pans and kitchen utensils are great in there too. You don’t need to waste any money on bubble wrap either as you have bed sheets, duvets and clothing to use instead. This way you can transport a few items in one go.

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- Ask friends for help. Moving companies are expensive so see if you can get any friends and family to help. It is always good to offer your own services during their move so that they are keen to return the favour for you when the time comes. If they have a car then that will be a great help with your move to Greenwich, SW1. If not then look into hiring a man and van as this often works out cheaper. There may be one advertising in your local area that is affordable.

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- Transport smaller items yourself. It’s much easier to see what is going on when you move the small stuff and this can easily be done by foot or public transport. Just pile it all in one of your suitcases or use a couple of bags. Even if it takes you a few trips it will really help to create space and it’s one less thing to move on the actual moving day. If you are taking public transport then watch out for rush hour as this will make it much harder to move things during busy hours.

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- Check the days. Sometimes you can save money on removal companies if you pick a moving day that is less popular. Weekends and bank holidays are always a common time for a move to SE10 and so sometimes the price can go up during these times.

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- Leave plenty of time. It is always during a last minute rush that lots of money is blown on panic moving. Stay calm and plan well ahead. Remember that prices always raise nearer to time so getting organised and creating a moving checklist early will all help in not getting to that panic buy stage in your move to Greenwich. The more things you can move early by hand the better so ask your new landlord for the keys before your move date if possible.

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Removals and storage is expensive so it’s a good idea to save money wherever you can. Keep calm and know you will be fine, a fresh start is a money maker so rest assured once you have moved in and decluttered your life, the money might start flowing again.

Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig

As a certified KonMari consultant, Dennis brings his passion for minimalism and tidying to every job he takes on. His efficient and mindful approach to decluttering has made him a top choice for clients looking to simplify their lives.