25Jul 2016

Recycling Facts


Recycling is an exciting field of green living, which is gaining more and more popularity. If you haven’t caught up on the trend of recycling, you should do so now. Consider how fun it can be:

  • 1 aluminium can = 3 hours of TV - That is right, recycling just one empty can of your favourite drink can save enough energy to run the TV for 3 hours straight!

  • 2 months rebirth process - It takes about as much to have recycled aluminium back on the supermarket shelves.

  • 20 recycled vs. 1 new can - The same energy needed to produce just one new can is enough for the creation of 20 recycled cans.

  • 200 years - That is the amount of time an aluminium can will remain on a landfill when dumped there.

  • Glass is infinite - Glass is infinitely recyclable, when used to create new glass. Additionally, it retains its purity throughout the recycling process.

  • Creates more jobs - Recycling creates about six to ten times as many jobs as landfills and waste incineration.

  • Recycling newspaper saves trees - Recycling a 6 feet tall stack of newspapers is the equivalent of preserving the life of a 35 feet tall tree.

It takes very little effort for the individual person to get on a path of recycling. At the same time, the impact on the environment can be enormous - from preserving wildlife to reducing carbon emissions.

Recycling can become part of every child’s life. It is not only a fun activity, but also a great practice that will contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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