01Oct 2015

Why to Move to London

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When thinking about moving house, you will always need to have your reasons for the relocation, both for moving away from your current home and for going to wherever you plan on going. If you have your heart set on London, you are in for a treat. Reasons to travel to London are aplenty and abundant, and you can find many more for each minute spent in the city and each friendship made. Usually, when you move, reasons to be somewhere come with time and reveal themselves to you so that you can appreciate what you have and what you should fight and work to maintain. But for great cities like London, you can immediately name at least ten.

1. The Culture
Starting with the top reason, going to London will show you the British culture at its full strength, and along with it, you will witness the diversity of the UK and learn not only about British culture, but foreign culture as well.

museums in London

2. The Entertainment
London will simply astound you with the sheer amount of daily entertainment it offers. Whether it be a variety of TV programmes or an hour or two at a pub or the rising in popularity beer gardens, or the many and many clubs that offer not only good meals and drinks, but also great stand-up comedy acts, you will be amused and amazed at the same time.

3. The People
Sure, Londoners don’t have exactly the best reputation as a social group, but if you do meet enough people you will learn to love their quirks, and once you start making friends, you will penetrate the surface of that hard demeanour and will see how wonderful they can be.

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4. The Lifestyle
Hipster culture, posh people, glamour, celebrities, urban settings, countryside life – London can offer you just about every lifestyle you can imagine. Depending on which part of the city you end up in, you will have your choice of living and creating a community you wish to spend time with.

5. The Tube
The London Underground is the city’s not-so-hidden jewel. This is the transport you will prefer once you get used to it and will constantly use the different links to get from one part of the city to the next.

The Tube

6. The Opportunities
Dock workers, warehouse workers, doctors, lawyers, actors, comedians, etc. - London has it all. There is no shortage of professions practiced in this grand city and so long as you find the right area for your profession, you will have a chance to practice it and thrive in your branch of choice.

7. The Celebrations
Besides regular entertainment, London offers a variety of festivals all throughout the year. Whether it be Totally Thames or the Buckingham Palace Opening, or any of the rest of the festivities, you are in for a treat with everything the city offers. It is always on a grand scale and it will be felt on the streets.

London events

8. The Shopping
Remember how London has it all when it comes to professions? Well, whatever London doesn’t have, it imports. London’s markets and shops will give you absolutely every single piece of produce, book or item you would ever need. All you need is to search hard and see for yourself.

9. The Scenery
If you need a daily intake of breathtaking scenery, then London is exactly where you need to end up after your relocation, because it has some of the most magnificent architectures coming from all the ages England has existed as a country. Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian era, it covers it all and will show you some of the most marvellous structures.

Buckingham Palace

10. The Company
And this time we are not talking about the people, but for the company they offer. Londoners are real sweethearts once you get to know them, and this can best be demonstrated once you enter and stay long enough in a local pub. Whether you will discuss a live match or the state of economy, or local politics, there will be people for every topic and they will give you their attention for as long as you need it... or until they drop out of the drinking game.

So come to London and experience English life to its fullest. Moving house here will mean getting ready to face the world with that typical British stiff-upper-lip attitude and getting from it whatever you can reach. So start calling that moving company of yours and get the move started.

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