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It was an easy choice hiring OneillSkipHire for loft clearance. The price, the standard of service, everything was just perfect.    
Helena F.
I hate going to my local tip so having OneillSkipHire pop over to do a quick rubbish removal is perfect for me.    
Kendra Cho
The quality of builders waste removal from London Skip Hire really was second to none. I used to handle my own waste, but due to an increase in demand for my skills, I started struggling to find time to clean up after my work and take the rubbish...    
Dustin Hoopray
I used OneillSkipHire to help with some rubbish clearance after a recent house extension and I can't believe how fast they worked. Their hard work really took some stress off of us, and made our lives so much easier.    
Franklin Dent
Oneill Skip Hire London is a decent company. They do the rubbish clearance like they say they will and it's affordable. I've paid twice as much to another company and wasn't very happy with the job they did. These guys are just better all around....    
Megan B.
I recently gave my loft a clear out, but had too much rubbish to just chuck in with the general garbage disposal. I needed a professional service at a cheap price. Oneill Skip Hire London provided that. I can't rate their loft clearance service...    
K. Thornberry
My husband hired Oneill Skip Hire London a while back to help with some builders waste clearance and he says they were fantastic. Although I didn't have anything to do with the actual work they did, the guys who came around were always very...    
Harriet B.
Great job, affordable, local skip hire company. London Skip Hire handled the lot of it all without hassles.    
I am totally enthralled by the waste disposal work done by the experts of Skip Hire Company I will use again!    
Ronald Pertwee
Skip Hire London is a friendly, efficient and a service I can afford. Like I said, prices are fair beating the competition in the area, and the waste removal was all top notch. Can't ask for more. Will Recommend!    
Bettina Carlise